Saturday, December 8, 2012

FASHION: Bohemian style!

 Hello, I'm Triada! I have just started this blog and this is my first post! The theme was idea of a good friend and great artist, Katerina (DevineDecadance).

Boho Chic is a hot fashion theme for spring 2013!...but, what actually is boho? 


It’s easy to recognize when you see it, but complicated and difficult  to get dressed like this…successfully. The truth is that's a very mixture style, which combines a lot of styles itself.  Casual and modern chic goes along with folk, ethnic and vintage wear. Moreover, it’s absolutely stylish and adorable but doesn’t fit to everyone’s personality.

Boho is represented by a variety of colors. Natural and earthy tones are best. There is a bit of bright colors, but also this year creamy, pastel and white are on top; many fashion designers like Salvatore Fearragamo (above) and Rae Francis (below) use them as basic to create their collections.

Natural materials, like cotton fabrics and leather; beads, crochet, feathers, metallic details make the boho dream real.


Bohemian style is characterized as unique and artistic. It’s all about looking natural but very feminine too. Furthermore, bohemian dressed people have their own powerful style, they are close to nature and also supporters of handmade, because they pick extraordinary clothes and unique accessories instead of the mass produced fashion. 
I picked some of my favorite boho style items on Etsy and here they are!


Clothes: short leather jackets, big coats, casual jeans, patchwork skirts, oversized blouses, long gypsy style skirts, very short and long dresses, floral printed outfits.

1.PARASOLvintage 2.brownbagvintage
3.Sophiaclothing 4.jessamity


Accessories:  belts, hats, silk scarfs, cotton handbags and shoulder bags.

Jewelry: plenty of bracelets, ankle bracelets, mix-and-match and long necklaces, and dangling earrings. Metal, crochet, fabrics, leather, wood and beads are some of the key elements of this jewelry.

Hair accessories: There's headbands, clips and barrettes for your hair.

Shoes: Comfortable style shoes like flats, sandals, leather cowboy style boots, boots with fringes and platform shoes.


TIP: Clothing and accessories are equally important for a bohemian look. If the clothes are the canvas, the accessories are the colors to paint the boho picture!

Thank you!


  1. Great post! Thanks for including my earrings!

  2. That camel coat is absolutely adorable! I think that most days boho style comes effortless out of my closet, I am not so sure how successfull it is though :)

    Great post Triada, wishing you a great start in the blogosphere!!!

    Many thanks for including my bracelet!

  3. Sweetie what a lovely blog, and a great post to start with! I think we all have a little corner for boho love in our hearts :)

    I love all the items you are featuring here, and want to thank you for including my necklace! xoxo

    I hope we'll be seeing each other more on the blogosphere!

  4. what a great first post!!! Welcome to blogging Triada!
    As a true bohemian girl most of my life, I find your choices excellent :)

  5. very interesting post and lovely fresh blog! thank you so much for the feature and best wishes!

  6. Beautiful post Triada !!!

    i am happy to see that my bag is included :)

    Wish you all the best with your new blog

  7. And I like you, and I like you!
    And I feel so bohemian like you!

    Great job my friend!
    Keep them coming!

  8. Great post! love boho style! :))


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